*** REGISTRATION LAST DATE 19th April 2024 ***           *** REGISTRATION LAST DATE 19th April 2024 ***           *** REGISTRATION LAST DATE 19th April 2024 ***          
Skit / Short Play
The Skit Contest will have a limit of 20 entries.There is a maximum of 10 people per group.Each person may only participate in one entry fee@ Rs 100/.
Online registration will close by 23-02-2018
E-mail Id for online registration: commonevents@bomma.ac.in
Spot registration can be done if entries are available.

Performance Rules
All Skit entries must be 4 minutes or less.If you go over the time limit your audio will be cut off at 4 minutes.
The no. of micro phones required should be informed to the co-ordinator in advance. Or else all audio for the performance must be prerecorded.
Any performances with stunts must receive approval from the Skit Contest Manager before the event.The use of open flame, flash powder, fireworks, lasers, smoke machines, etc. is prohibited.
Any props used on stage must be able to be removed easily and must leave the stage in the same condition as it was before the prop was used.

Audio and Music Rules
Music will not be provided for entries.
Recordings that run over the 4 minute Skit time limit will be cut short.
Dialogue/music must be submitted in an audio CD or USB Flash drive.

Judgment for Common events
Our judges will be grading on:
Originality: Making a new, fresh, and creative performance.
Creativity: Making a performance that gives a new spin on content and characters involved.
Execution: Practiced, well-rehearsed, smooth performance.
Crowd: How much the crowd reacts to the performance.

Performance should not exceed 5 mins
Participants should arrange their own costumes and music

April 12th 5 P.M onwards

Main Coordinator :-
K. Meena - 7032071681
V. Balakrishna - 7032071681